Centrotel menu


Centrotel Menu


27€ Starter, Fish or Meat, Cheese or Dessert

31€ Starter, Fish or Meat, Cheese, Dessert

45€ Starter, Fish, Freshness Interlude, Meat, Cheese, Dessert


(January – Februeary – March 2019)

Snails with Fourme d’Ambert


Homemade fish terrine with shellfish sauce or Homemade Foie Gras, stewed with Fig (extra 5 €)


6 Oysters of Marennes Oléron according to Arrivage


Fish Fillet according to Arrivage, apple scales, Hollandaise sauce

or Duck breast with honey sauce or Fake Filet of Charolais beef, Pepper sauce

or Charolais beef filet Label Rouge (additional 5 €), Pepper sauce

or Charolais beef filet Label Rouge Rossini style (extra 15 €), Pepper sauce


Cheese gratin from Bezenet


Cheese board


White Fish (Sugar, Cream, or Maple Syrup)


Raspberry Lemon Tartlet Meringue

or Mystery Chocolate Heart Marmalade Orange

or Crème Brûlée with Gingerbread

For the sake of freshness, some of our products may be momentarily out of order.
Thank you for your understanding. Meat of French origin. Net price, sevice included.
In order to avoid any waiting the order of the desserts is suggested at the beginning of the meal.